Polycrystalline Structure Diamond Powders
Micron Size Detonated Diamond Powders

Grade DP-3


These synthetic polycrystalline diamonds are produced using and short and powerful explosion, that transforms graphite into the diamond. The process yields polycrystalline diamond crystals each consisting of thousands of micro crystallites bonded together.

The polycrystalline diamonds are the only type of the diamonds that have self-sharpening properties: polycrystalline structure will open every time new sharp edges by releasing an outer layer of dull micro crystallites. The polycrystalline diamonds can lap and polish any materials faster than any other abrasive while producing the smoothest, scratch free surface possible.

Some advantages of using polycrystalline diamonds

  • The highest material removal rates
  • Superior finishes through less subsurface damages from micro crystals.
  • The lowest diamond cost since using the same diamond for a broad surface finishes. (For instance, 10 um diamond particles will wear out and breaking into smaller units, decreasing in size up to 1 um thus allowing to complete polishing without changing the diamond size.

Most efficient areas of applications

  • Lapping and polishing of hard metals, their alloys, ceramics, etc.
  • Sapphire Polishing
  • Gemstone polishing including diamonds
  • Lapping and polishing of the ferrites and silicon
  • GMR head polishing
Technical data

Appearance (dry state): Color Gray
Chemical composition: Carbon 99%

Hydrogen <1%
Nitrogen <1%
Oxygen <1%
Physical data: Particle sizes available 0.05-0.15; 0.05-0.2; 0-0.25; 0-0.5; 0.5-1.0;
0-1.0; 0.5-1.5; 1-2; 0-2; 1-3; 0-10 um.
Specific gravity: 3.451
Friability index: 75-80%
Structure: polycrystalline, with the crystal size 5-7 nm
Decomposition decomposes with a heat over 500C
Electrical conductivity: non-conductive

HSEM (High Resolution Scanning Electronic Microscope) picture of our powder size 0.05-.2 mcm under 10,000 times magnification.HSEM (High Resolution Scanning Electronic Microscope) picture of our powder size 0.05-.2 mcm under 600,000 times magnification.

We offer a large polycrystalline structure diamond powder inventory, strict quality control, ISO 9001:2000 governed manufacturing and customer service practices along with quick turn-around time make working with UK Abrasives a very pleasant experience.

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