Polycrystalline Structure Diamond Powder
Sub-Micron Size Premium Grade Detonated Diamond Powder DP-1


UKA customizes DP-1 powders to meet our customer’s specifications


This product is the result of the discovery of a new technology. These synthetic polycrystalline diamonds are produced by using short, powerful explosions, that transform graphite into diamond. The process yields polycrystalline diamond crystals each consisting of thousands of microcrystallites bonded together.

The polycrystalline diamonds are the only type of the diamonds that have self-sharpening properties: polycrystalline structure will open every time new sharp edges by releasing an outer layer of dull micro crystallites. The polycrystalline can lap and polish any materials faster than any other abrasive while producing the most smoothest, scratch free surface possible.

Most efficient areas of application

  • Texturing of the memory media for hard disc drives
  • Water and oil based polishing products to be used for metals and their alloys, ferrites, silicons, sapphires, glass, etc., allowing the level of polishing up to 1.2 x 10-5 in. (0.0003 mm) with coefficient of diffusive reflection 0.4-0.7%.
  • As an additive for soft magnetic amorphous alloys used in magnetic recording systems which can increase the coating wear resistance three to five times.
  • Cutting Insert
Technical data

Appearance (dry state): Color Gray  
Chemical composition: Carbon up to 88%  

Hydrogen up to 1%  
  Nitrogen up to 2.5%  
  Oxygen up to 10%  
Physical data: Area of surface: 1.31 x 10-7 in2/oz (300 m2/gr)
Crystal Size 3-4 nm (under 0.0004mm)
  Specific density: 0.007 lb/in3 (200 kg/m2)
  Mass loss during heating: 5.7%  
  Mass of non-burning inclusions: 1.4%  
  Mass of oxidizable carbon: 4.3%  
  Area of coherent diffusion: 0.1-0.25 x 10-9 in. (4-10 x 10-9 m)
  Oxidation temperature in the
open atmosphere at heating rate
1,790(F (977(C)
  Electrical conductivity: non-conductive  

Typical Particle Distribution Chart

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