Water for Water Based Vehicles and Water Suspensions

Electronic Industry Quality Reverse Osmosis Purified DI Water

UK Abrasives recognizes the importance of quality of water used for water based vehicles and diamond-water suspensions for quality assurance and production process control purposes.

Our modern Reverse Osmosis DI water purification system is monitored on daily basis; instrument readings as well as maintenance activities are logged into a system performance journal.

System maintenance service is sub-contracted to the Water Purification Experts, who originally designed and installed the system.

Controlled Parameters of the Water Quality

Resistivity: 18 megohms/cm
Bacteria: <5 cfu/100 ml
Particulates: <100 per 100 ml@0.05 mm
TOC (Total Organic Carbon): <10 ppb
Total Dissolved Solids: <0.01 ppm
Total Solids: <0.05 ppm
Total Silica: < 10ppb

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