Cleaning Fluids

Removal of the Diamond Slurry and Lubricants is the key to obtaining maximum yield during GMR head processing operations. UK Abrasives has developed numerous formulations of Cleaning Fluids for Mass Data Storage Industry applications. Every effort has been made by our in-house experts to use the latest developments in chemistry to formulate different kind of efficient cleaning fluids to remove residues after "Kiss Lap", "Crown Lap" or "Fixed Diamond Abrasive" processes. Pitting, staining or corrosion will occur if any processing film or lap plate residue are left on the GMR head.

Product Manufacturing

UK Abrasives utilizes state-of-the art class 100 clean rooms for production of vehicle, slurry and cleaner formulations.

Quality Assurance

  • Chemical Composition: Specialized outside contractors calibrate all metering and weighing equipment to insure consistent slurry composition.
  • QC Procedures: Meeting or exceeding ISO9002 requirements
  • Process Control: Digitally controlled production equipment assures production process repeatability.

Technical Support

UK Abrasives offers outstanding technical support and the commitment of an ISO9002 registered company to achieve total customer satisfaction through meeting customer requirements, on-time delivery and providing cost effective products.

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