Boron Nitride High Temperature Coatings

High Temperature Coatings and Release Agents for Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Lead Foundries

Our AMZL Release Agents use Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder as a key ingredient for utmost efficiency and can be formulated with Water, Oil or Ethanol. Due to the unique lubricating properties and inertness to molten metals and salts the Boron Nitride powder is ideally suited as a mold and die release agent for high temperature paints and coatings. We optimized our AMZL line of Release Agents to perform most efficiently in the tough conditions of Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Lead foundry applications.

General Product Description and Options

Boron Nitride Powder SEM Pictures  
Boron Nitride Powder Data
  Total B+N
99% min.
0.45% max.
Soluble Boron:
0.25% max.
Free Carbon:
0.02% max.
Magnetic Metals:
0.07% max
Boron Nitride Powder Content: Varies from 5% to 36% depending on specific application.
Color: Varies from white to light brown.
Density: Varies from 0.75 g/cm3 to 1.2 g/cm3.
Viscosity: From very light (suitable for spray guns) to heavy paste, available for entire range of Boron Nitride content.
Liquid Base: Water, Oil or Ethanol.
Application Temperature: 1350 (C max.)
Special Product Enhancements: Are available on request including formulation with Alumina as a binding agent.
PH Level Range: 4-10

Standard Product Formulations

Product Application BN content Product No. Application BN content
MR Mold Casting Release Coating up to 10% AWH General Purpose High Temperature Coating-thicker composition up to 25%
AWL Anti-Wetting Coating for Metal, Ceramics & Graphite - thin composition up to 25% AWHD Heavy Duty thick composition for coating parts that are moving in molten metal up to 40%

Standard packaging: 1 qt jar, gal and 1 gal. bottle, 5 gal. plastic pail or 55 gal. plastic drum.

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