Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder (HBN)

Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder has a structure and properties similar to graphite. It has become one of the most popular dry lubricants due to its lubricating properties and inertness to molten metals and salts. It is used in many different applications, especially as a mold release agent. Hexagonal Structure Boron Nitride improves the strength and holdability of the present powder composites.

SEM Pictures of PG Grade HBN powder

Product Availability
Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder is available in 3 grades: PG (Premium), SG(Standard) and CG (Custom). Custom grades are fine-tuned to the customer applications and are available on request. Grade CG-F is shown as an example in the chart below.

Technical data

Grade   PG SG CG-F
Typical Applications   Cosmetic Industry, high purity ceramics

Paints and coatings
Mold and die release agents
Ceramic Coating
Dry Lubricants

Misc. applications including ceramics
Appearance (dry state): Color Pure White White White
Chemical composition:   Typical Specifications Specifications
  Chemical formula: BN BN BN
  Total B+N 99.6% 99% min 77% min
  Calcium 0.014% n/a n/a
  Free Carbon 0.001% 0.02% max 0.02% max.
  Iron 78 ppm n/a n/a
  Oxygen 0.03% 0.45% max 12% max
  Soluble Boron 0.2% 0.25% max. 2% max
  Chloride 38 ppm n/a n/a
  Aluminum 78 ppm n/a n/a
  Silicon 0.001% n/a n/a
  Lead <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Arsenic <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Mercury <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Magnetic Metals 0.07% max. 0.07% max 0.07% max
  Moisture: 0.1% 0.1% max 0.1% max
Physical data: Particle Shape: Similar to Graphite Similar to Graphite Similar to Graphite
  Particle size D50 5.46 um 5.46 um 5.46 um
  Surface Area 7.4 m2/g 7.4 m2/g 7.4 m2/g
  Bulk Density 0.4 g/cc3 0.4 g/cc3 0.4 g/cc3
  Tap Density 0.45 0.45 0.45
  Structure Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal

Availability of particle sizes
Boron Nitride powder typically comes in size of - 10umm. Also available on request sizes -44 um and -60 um.

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