Boron Nitride Based Lubricants


Our BNBL line of lubricants uses Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder as a key ingredient. These lubricants contain fine particles of Boron Nitride powder, blended with a binder. After application and proper curing, they become bonded to the metal surface and form a white or light grey solid film. UKA’s dry film lubricants also contain special rust inhibitors  which offer exceptional corrosion protection. Most long wearing films are of the bonded type but are still restricted to applications where sliding distances are not too long, such as internal combustion engines, bearings, etc. 

Boron Nitride based Lubricants are also helping to address the latest worldwide trend in environmental regulations which is to minimize/prohibit the use of ingredients that may generate phosphorous and/or sulfur fumes and residues. BNBL products should be considered as an effective alternative to Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) based products which are among the products affected by the new regulations

1.  General Product Description and Options

Boron Nitride Powder SEM Pictures


Boron Nitride Powder Data

Total B+N

99% min.


0.45% max.

Soluble Boron:

0.25% max.

Free Carbon:

0.02% max.

Magnetic Metals:

0.07% max.

Boron Nitride Powder Content:

Varies from 5% to 36% depending on specific application.


Varies from white to light brown.


Varies from 0.75 g/cm3 to 1.2 g/cm3.

Specific Gravity:


Oxidation Resistance:


Operating Temperature:

1350ºC max.

Depending on application BNL are available as:

  • Dry Powders.
  • Light Suspensions (suitable for spray guns). (Water or Solvent based).
  • Pastes (from light to heavy depending on application and BN content).

pH Level Range:


Special Product Enhancements:

Are available on request.

2.   Standard Product Formulations.



Product No.



FG coatings are applied where fretting and galling is a problem (such as splines, universal joints and keyed bearings).  FG coatings will not collect dirt and debris like greases and oils.


Extreme contact pressures. The BN-ECP provides lamellar structure oriented in parallel to the sliding surface resulting in high load-bearing capabilities in a low shear stress environment.  Among applications is Superplastic Metal Forming that involves extensive deformation.  ECP product offers controlled adhesion, easy removal after forming and minimizes build-up on dies. 


Used where smooth running in a clean operation is desired (piston, camshaft).
Used as a piston ring coating to optimize engine performance during break-in period.


High temperature applications.  HTL Boron Nitride exhibits high tolerance to temperature and oxidizing atmosphere environments, whereas liquid lubricants typically will not survive. A typical application include fasteners which are easily tightened and unscrewed after a long stay at high temperatures



Standard packaging: 1 qt jar, ½ gal and 1 gal. bottle, 5 gal. plastic pail or 55 gal. plastic drum.

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