Applications of UK Abrasives' Products By Application Type


Obviously many of our products can be used for various finishing applications. For our vehicles and slurries, see our Superabrasives and Abrasives Applications chart for many examples. Our Boron Carbide Powder can be used for polishing tungsten carbide and other hard materials.

Nuclear Applications

Boron is an important material for nuclear applications due to its high neutron absorption cross section (760 barn* at neutron velocity of 2200 m/sec). The cross section of the B10 isotope in boron is considerably higher (3800 barn). In addition, boron doesn't contain decay products with a long half-life and high-energy secondary radioactive materials. Since pure boron is extremely brittle and difficult to produce in shapes (for example: control rods) boron carbide is the material of choice to use since it provides a high concentration of boron atoms in a strong and refractory form and is relatively easy to fabricate. Learn more about our Boron Carbide Powder for Nuclear Applications.


Several of our products can be used for refraction applications including our Disc Texturing Products, Vehicles & Slurries, and Boron Nitride Products.

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There are many other applications for UK Abrasives' products and systems. We are constantly developing new techniques and methods for using our products to solve problems and improve processes in all types of industries and situations. Call us at 847.291.3566 to find out how we can help you.

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