Special Equipment

UK Abrasives technical support group and engineers can help you build whatever equipment you need for your manufacturing facilities. Below is an example of our custom build powder bulk bag unloading system.

Custom Built Powder Bulk Bag Unloading System

1. System's Standard Features:

1.1 Tubular frame, heavy duty, with maximum total capacity 2,500 lb.

1.2 Receiver hopper with dust collector attachment

1.3 Access door, 12 x 14, gasketed, with quick release locks.

1.4 Bulk bag support with electrical vibrator

1.5 Screw conveyor, driven by DC motor, with DC motor controller close loop scale interface capability

1.6 Electric hoist and trolley, 3,000 lb. capacity

1.7 Paint: standard color-machine blue

2. System's Options:

2.1 Batch controller

2.2 Weight loss scale system or floor mounted platform scale

2.3 Quick change/cleaning feature screw conveyor

2.4 Slurry Mixing Module

For more information, please contact our sales department.

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